Quick Tips on How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

How can you get rid of pests like clothes moths if they find their way into your storage space? At Economy Self Storage, we want you to be prepared for instances like this. So we have put together a list of tips on what to do when you suspect your storage is housing clothes moths and how you can clear them away for the future. Whether you need to confront the moths in your rented storage space or home storage, time is of the essence. Get rid of them with these steps!

how to get rid of clothes moths

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths Once They Hit

Pinpoint the Threat

How do clothes moths cause damage differently than other common pests? With clothes moths, you will still notice small holes, but they also might leave behind webbing. They prefer animal-based fabrics—fur, wool, cashmere, etc. You will probably see the damage before you see the moths as clothes moths are more of a threat as small larvae. When they turn into adults, casemaking and webbing clothes moths can look yellow or gray at about 1 centimeter in size.

Get Rid of Damaged Goods & Clean

Getting rid of the clothes moths starts by ridding your storage space of affected items. Look throw your boxes and bins for damage and assess whether you will be able to stitch up the holes that are left. Wash in warm water all the belongings you are saving, and throw away the rest that are too damaged. Once you have dealt with your affected pieces, you can move onto the storage space itself. Depending on the flooring you are working with, sweep or vacuum well (you will want to discard of a vacuum bag ASAP). Carpeting will need additional cleaning to ensure the infestation is completely gone. We recommend steam cleaning or shampooing.

Prevent Future Infestations

Get these pests gone for good. If you are looking to store fabrics, make sure you are storing with air-tight containers that will keep bugs out. Clothes moths are sneaky and can find their ways into boxes and garment bags, so be sure to tape up any edges for additional security. They are looking for dark and humid spaces, so if you can disrupt that setting during periodic visits to your storage space, it will be beneficial.

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