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Economy Self Storage: Self Storage Tips

Are you ready to make the most of your self-storage journey? Look no further than Economy Self Storage in Honey Brook, PA! Our facility offers low-cost storage solutions and our team has put together a fantastic list of packing and storage tips for new residents or movers. So don’t wait – get started with us today! Thanks to these expert tricks from Economy Self Storage, you can rest assured that your experience will be smooth sailing each time.

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Self Storage Tips for Finding Space & Packing

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Choose Your Storage Unit 

You have many self-storage options in the Pennsylvania area. So how do you choose a storage facility—and more specifically storage units—to house your belongings? Start by searching for self-storage close to your home, work, business, or regular commute. You are looking for convenience as much as you are looking for products and services.

Are you trying to decide which kind of storage is the best fit for your needs? The range available can be overwhelming, but each type has its own distinct advantages and potential issues. Drive-up containers provide easy loading and unloading from the automobile; however, indoor units feature temperature control that safeguards items from changing climate elements such as moisture or humidity.

Visit Economy Self Storage in Honey Brook, PA to start getting your items organized today. Located in southeast Pennsylvania, Economy Self Storage serves residents and businesses in Honey Brook, Loag, Glenmoore, Suplee, and Brandamore, PA. Read more about our storage facility’s specific features, and use our storage calculator to figure out what size storage unit you should rent.  

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Packing Tips for Your Boxes 

1. Prep Before Packing

To obtain the greatest possible outcome when storing your stuff, take care of them as you’re packing them away. Items that are delicate will need more padding to keep them safe throughout transport. Pick up packing and moving supplies at our Economy Self Storage office today! And while you are there, talk with our storage experts to clear up any additional questions you may have before you start renting storage—also check our Self Storage FAQ to see if your question can be answered instantly! It is important to understand the rules and expectations before renting storage.

2. General Packing Rule: Heavy on the Bottom, Light on Top

To secure your belongings and keep them from being damaged, begin the packing process by placing heavier items at the bottom of storage containers or boxes. Subsequently layer lighter goods on top to not just avoid breakage due to weight but also any other external pressures that may occur. Adhering to this strategy when it comes to organizing will save you time now and spare you potential disappointment down the road!

3. Clean & Cover

To protect your appliances, tools, and electronics while they sit in storage for an extended period of time, cover them with protective covers to guard against dust accumulation. Before storing away these items though, be sure to give them a thorough cleaning so that you won’t have any unwanted odors or damages later on. Finally – don’t forget to sterilize all stored goods for added protection!

4. Pack Air-Tight to Keep Out Moisture & Pests

Keep your valuables safe from insects, moisture, and the elements with airtight containers! The best way to safeguard beloved antiques, clothing items, tech devices or documents is to package them tightly in these storage boxes. You can have peace of mind knowing that all precious possessions are safeguarded against deterioration for years ahead.

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Packing Tips for Your Storage Unit 

1. Create an Organized Layout

Streamline your storage space and make packing infinitely easier by using the following tips! First, construct an aisle in the middle of your unit so that you can conveniently access items from any angle. Then, group similar objects like winter wear or kitchenware together to find them quickly when necessary. Last but not least, store frequently used pieces closest to your entrance for instant retrieval when needed. By employing these strategies, organizing will be a breeze!

2. Utilize Your Entire Storage Space

Unlock the full potential of your storage space by investing in shelves. Not only will this help you create order, but also make use of every inch available! Installing shelving units can be an incredibly powerful decision – I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how much extra room it provides for all your belongings. Don’t wait any longer – get organized and add some shelves to your home now!

3. Don’t Store Perishables

So what can’t you store? Perishables like food will go bad quickly, and when they do, they will begin to attract pests. It is best to avoid this altogether by storing these items in your everyday storage space in your home or business. You also cannot store dangerous, flammable items or money. Check out a more complete list from 

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Vehicle Storage Tips 

If you’re looking to save some extra space on your property, long-term storage of a vehicle may be an ideal solution. However, it’s important to remember that storing vehicles doesn’t end with dropping them off and leaving; there are certain steps necessary for proper maintenance in order for the car or truck to run efficiently when needed again down the road. Change its oil if keeping it stored long-term, top off the gas tank so no moisture can accumulate inside, add fuel stabilizer as well. Additionally, make sure its interior and exterior is clean before putting away — any dirt left behind will only worsen over time! Follow more of Edmund’s vehicle storage tips.  

Find safe and secure vehicle storage at Economy Self Storage in Honey Brook, PA! Call or email our storage facility, or stop by in person to learn more!

Economy Self Storage in Honey Brook PA

Now that you have learned some helpful self storage tips, look to Economy Self Storage in Honey Brook, PA for all of your storage needs. No matter what kind of items you need storage for, from your car to seasonal belongings, our Horseshoe Pike facility has the perfect size unit and supplies ready for you. Moving can be a stressful task but with us on your side it doesn’t have to be! Let us help reduce clutter and make sure that everything gets moved in quickly so that you can keep going without any hassle. Stop in today to learn more!


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