What to do With Extra Gear? Tips to Store and Sell Online

Spring is around the corner and you may be cleaning up around the house, we want to help! If you have a few extra items taking up space you want to use, consider our Honey Brook PA storage as a solution. Economy Self Storage can be the safe place to keep your gear you use only seasonally or while you sell online. We have a safe storage unit ready to answer your space saving needs.

From drive up storage units to assist while you move and a parking space your RV storage, our Honey Brook PA storage facility has many options for you. Our storage experts on site can answer your questions and get your gear moving to storage.

If you are planning to sell some things online, check out how to showcase your items and move towards a speedy sale.

Sell Online Honey Brook PA

Tips to Sell Online

  1. Let customers know if what you are selling is damaged or broken.
  2. Take photos that are clear and show all angles of the piece for sale. It is important to have multiple photos showing all sides of the piece if selling furniture.
  3. Clothing is best sold in groups. Not only will this clean your closet out faster but you can swap your items for space in one easy purchase.
  4. Meet in a public place if not sending your product to customers directly.
  5. If you want to start the price high, customers may want to negotiate. Keep this in mind when deciding on the starting price.

What to Sell

After every semester college students are left with textbooks that will not be needed again. You can make up some of the initial cost by selling it to a student taking the same course next semester.

Selling things online can also be extra income for your family or college students during summer break.

Many are now selling online to help with bills and future plans. While you move, section your gear into piles, boxes moving to the new house, items going to storage, and belongings you are selling online. Then start posting and selling.

Economy Self Storage is here to answer your storage questions. Stop by our office on Horseshoe Pike to start renting storage.