The Top 8 Ways to Use a Storage Space

The best use for any storage unit is one that saves you time and money, while making your life more convenient. Below are eight of the top ways people have organized items in storage spaces to make their lives easier:

1. Seasonal items

A storage space is the ideal spot to keep artificial Christmas trees, out-of-season clothes and patio furniture until needed.

2. Baby-related items

Store your crib, changing table, diaper bin and newborn clothes in a unit until your next pregnancy.

3. Hobby-related items

If your spouse or roommate is tired of your Star Wars memorabilia or you’ve run out of space, you can always turn to your storage unit!

4. Vehicles

Storage spaces can often serve as “garages”. Use the storage space to keep your car secure and clean until it is needed.

5. Boxes in the basement

Rather than having boxes filled with things we don’t remember cluttering up space, put them into storage to open later.

6. Unneeded furniture

Putting unneeded furnishings from a recent move into storage keeps them ready in case you or a loved one can use them.

7. Home-based business supplies

If packing paraphernalia, boxes and papers are cluttering up your living room, a storage unit keeps these items available, but out of your way.

8. Old books

A storage unit is a good place to keep the books you don’t want to throw away, but cannot reasonably store in your residence.