Storage Packing Tips 101

What do you need to do before arriving at your storage unit? Economy Self Storage is answering that question with the best storage packing tips and our Honey Brook PA storage units. If you noticed during winter your living room saw an increase in belongings or your closet needs a clean out, there is no better time then spring.

This season is all about refreshing your home with the help of our storage units and suggestions for around the house. Get the clothes and decorations ready to move to a safe location, all while staying stress free. Use these recommendations during your spring cleaning.

Honey Brook PA storage packing tips

  • Find the appropriate supplies for the job. If you are packing the kitchen do not forget your bubble wrap.
  • Along with finding the right supplies, choose a storage unit that works for your budget and valuables.
  • Pack with the knowledge of having to pick it up and put it in the truck. Avoid over packing large boxes even though they hold a lot the bottom may not have proper support.
  • Folding clothes will create creases that are tough to get rid of. Use a hanging box or rack with a dust cover to keep clothes looking sharp.
  • Whoever is helping you move should know exactly where everything goes because of the labels on the outside of your boxes.
  • Talk with our store manager for professional movers in our area to help.
  • Create a master list of what is moving to storage. You can go a step further and add a general location where they are in the unit.
  • Store the covered couch on its side to utilize the most space in your unit.

We know you want to enjoy your time outside this spring, so let Economy Self Storage store your winter equipment until next season. Our Honey Brook PA storage packing tips are the insight you need on what to do before getting to storage.