Spring has Sprung: Self Storage Tips for the Season

The birds are singing, the temperature is slowly rising and the sun is shining later and later – this must mean spring is here! If you’ve gotten the itch to start cleaning house, here are some tips for our Honey Brook, PA community to help make that happen.

Invest in a squeegee: This is just one of those tools you’ll want to have in your cleaning toolbox. It’s especially useful when trying to wipe away the grime that has accumulated on your exterior windows from the winter. Get a bucket of water, add a few drops of liquid dish detergent and use a sponge to wet the windows. Then, grab your squeegee, wet it, and take it from top to bottom on your glass panes. The corners of your windows will no longer be able to hold on to their grimy gunk.

Move inside: Now that your exterior windowpanes are looking lovely, tackle the inside by taking a damp cloth across each slat of your blinds. It may seem like a tedious task, but the results will be fantastic. If your blinds are wooden, skip the water and opt for a wood cleaner and dry cloth instead.

Clean the curtains: Fabric has a magical way of holding onto all of the dust particles it comes into contact with, especially over the winter months when the house has been closed up. Either use the extension on your vacuum cleaner to give them a good once over, or take them down and get them laundered. This may be a DIY project, or you may have to get them dry cleaned, depending on the fabric.

Change directions: Of your ceiling fan blades, that is. Once you’ve given them a good dusting, change their direction from clockwise to counterclockwise. As warmer months are approaching, you’ll want the benefit of a breezy downdraft that is created by a counterclockwise direction. Still feeling chilly inside, keep them moving clockwise to redistribute the warm air upward and outward; just remember to switch them when the temperature begins to rise.

Get under the tables and chairs: You’d be amazed at how much dust and dirt sticks to bottom of table and chair legs. If you find that your chairs are scratching you wooden floors every time they’re moved, you may want to invest in some sticky pads that attach to the base of the legs. Just make sure you change them out every so often, as they’ll be very good at grabbing onto lint and dirt.

There’s nothing like a fresh, cleaning living space to make your day brighter. Happy spring Honey Brook!