Packing Supplies Made Easy

Is your business to big for the space you are in? Does your house need a renovation? Whether you are a budding business owner or going through a home makeover, Economy Self Storage has the extra space. We can guide you to the best unit and find the packing supplies you’ll need. Below you will find our tips to make packing easy!

Packing Supplies Honey Brook PA

  • Tape can leave a sticky adhesive on your objects, so to prevent this from happening, we have a self cling bubble wrap that protects without damaging.
  • If you are moving your whole house go for the upgrade with the grip dispenser. Most importantly don’t forget the extra rolls.
  • You can never have enough tape. Buying bulk is never a bad idea when it comes to tape.
  • If you are not putting a cover on your large furniture, a dust cover will prevent any dirty or grim accumulating during storage.
  • Specialty boxes such as wardrobe boxes will solve the issue of what to do with your hanging clothes during a move. They will also be helpful after the move as seasonal storage container.
  • Take advantage of the glass protection kit as well as the bubble wrap dish pouches when storing your fine china or kitchen ware.
  • The highest quality lock is the disk lock. With water draining features and the stainless steel body your belongings are protected from vandalism and harsh weather conditions.
  • Stretch wrap is the final touch. Once everything is packed, wrap it all with this weather resistant shield.
  • If you are looking more for a variety pack, we have that too! Our moving kit has an assortment of boxes, bubble wrap as well as markers and labels.

We pride ourselves in knowing the best products and solutions to all your storage troubles. The next time you relocate and need help, make Economy Self Storage stop number 1!