Motorcycle and Vehicle Storage Honey Brook PA

Motorcycle and Vehicle Storage for the Upcoming Winter

As winter is approaching the topic of motorcycle and vehicle storage for the upcoming winter is important to address. Follow the tips below to achieve excellent vehicle or motorcycle storage in these upcoming cold months. These are just some helpful tips to get your vehicle or motorcycle ready for long term storage.

Motorcycle and Vehicle Storage Honey Brook PAThe battery will lose its charge over the long term storage, so to avoid needing a jump in the spring take the battery out to keep it fully charged.

  • Use a breathable all weather car cover when storing long term. Using a car cover inside or outside will keep dust and dirt off and keep your vehicle clean.
  • Taking the pressure off the tires by propping up the vehicle or motorcycle on jacks will help keep the tire pressure full.
  • Keeping the vehicle away from sunlight will keep your upholstery looking fresh and new. Sunlight will cause damage such as fading and cracking to the interior.
  • Changing the oil and topping off all fluids will help your vehicle or motorcycle transition smoothly from winter to spring.
  • To keep all unwanted pests away make sure to cover all openings, such as the exhaust and intake valves. A helpful tip for the spring is listing areas that were covered before long term storage.
  • Keeping your vehicle or motorcycle locked away and out of sight will limit the possibilities for theft.
  • For motorcycle storage washing, drying, and waxing are all equally important before storing for the winter. Applying a light coating of protective spray on metal will prevent rust.
  • While your vehicle or motorcycle are out of use for an extended period, use this time to complete maintenance.

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