How Businesses Use Self Storage Seasonally

It’s not unusual for businesses to have seasonal changes. Some companies are actually driven by seasons, such as those geared toward traditional summer vacation time or those that sell holiday-themed merchandise. Other businesses may have less seasonal definition, but are still affected each summer, autumn, winter and spring.

For companies that experience season-related peaks and valleys, it may be wise to rent a self-storage unit. This type of unit can provide a “home base” for items that may not be needed for several months. These can include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Products that do not need to be stored in the main warehouse. For example, if a company sells Easter décor mainly between February and April, leftover decorations and products can be safely and cleanly kept in a self storage unit between May and January.
  • Holiday decorations that are used by businesses to spruce up its headquarters. Many organizations like to add a decorative touch to their office spaces, especially during the end-of-year holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas. When those decorations are not being used between January and October, they can be placed into a self storage unit rather than in an on-site supply closet.
  • Furniture that is only required at certain times of the year. During particularly busy seasons, companies may hire temporary part-time workers. For example, consider accounting firms that add workers in the weeks before the April 15th tax deadline. Because of this, the company will need extra desks, chairs, telephones and even computers during those especially busy time periods. When the workers are finished, these extra furnishings can be stored offsite until they’re needed again.

Of course, it’s important for businesses to pick a self storage unit that is safe and clean. It should also be within an appropriate distance from the headquarters. This will make getting items to and from storage easier and more convenient.
For the small amount of rent paid per year, a self storage unit is a terrific investment. Not only will it free space at your business’s primary location, but it will also provide added space as the company grows and eventually needs new offsite storage solutions.