5 Creative Ways to Organize Your Garage

Cleaning your garage has never been so easy. Economy Self Storage has found five creative ways that will help you organize your garage for the upcoming spring season. Organizing your garage can increase your efficiency and creates more space in your house. Use these hacks to maximize your storage space.

5 Creative Ways to Organize Your Garage

Garage Organization Ideas

  1. Categorizing, arranging, and labeling all of your personal belongings will help you save a ton of time and space.
  2. Maximizing wall space is crucial while organizing your garage. It will help you save precious floor space to park your car. You can hang a pegboard on a wall to keep all your small tools in a proper place.
  3. Turning your garage into an impromptu mudroom will work as a shift between the outdoors and also the inside. It is a perfect place to hang your jackets and muddy shoes and will keep your house clean. Look at 20 super functional DIY garage mudroom ideas by TheHappyHousie.
  4. Magnetic strips work like a charm when you have loads of smaller tools and drill bits. You can add a magnetic strip to the wall for easy access.
  5. Install PVC pipes to your shed wall and put your all garden long-handled tools in those pipes.

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Economy Self Storage has a variety of drive-up and interior storage units in Honey Brook PA. Talk to our experts today for more organizing and storing tips. They can help you with all your storing needs and will find the perfect space for you to store additional belongings.

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