Self Storage Tips Honey Brook PA

Seasonal Self Storage Tips: Preparing for Fall

What do you do with the grill during winter? Where to store patio furniture? These are common questions we hear when the weather is turning cold and our self storage tips can be the answer you need. Economy Self Storage can be a solution you need with a large or small drive up storage unit. From large drive up storage units to interior self storage, both are helpful when storing your business or home for fall. Let us help you choose the Honey Brook PA self storage unit that fits your budget.

Self Storage Tips Honey Brook PA

How to store a lawn mower

  1. Remove spark plugs and battery.
  2. Place the battery on a tender.
  3. Drain the gas tank and keep the flammable liquid elsewhere.
  4. Clean off any debris, both on top and under the deck.
  5. Fill other fluids to the top.

Tips for pool supplies in storage

  1. Mold and mildew will grow on damp equipment, towel dry everything off before storing it or plan a few days in between moving to storage to air dry.
  2. To clean pool equipment you can use vinegar for easily removed dirt and bleach to scrub set in stains.
  3. Make sure to store pool chemicals in a cool place, on a shelf, and in clearly marked containers.
  4. Do not stack pool chemicals on top of one another, as that may cause the plastic to become brittle and crack.

Clothes in storage: what goes and what stays?

  1. Start the process by minimizing what goes to storage. If you have not worn something in a few seasons, consider donating it.
  2. Place your boxes along the perimeter of your storage unit, instead of cluttering them in the middle, for easy access.
  3. Mark with a label or marker, what is inside.

As we say goodbye to days at the pool and summer vacations, Economy Self Storage is here to ease your items into fall storage. Swap the rakes for snow shovels and t-shirts for sweaters, without taking up your space at home. Stop by our storage facility in Honey Brook PA for a tour!