Economy Self Storage in Honey Brook PA

Just Say No to Messes!

Have you ever looked at the mess around you and though “How did I let it get like this?” Well, here at Economy Self Storage, we have these 8 simple tips for our Honey Brook, PA community that will get you on the road to a fresh year and a fresh life style.

They see me rolling- Instead of hard bottoms that will scratch up your wooden floors, get furniture that has wheels on the bottom.

Multitasking furniture- Instead of having a different table for everything, get a long table that can be used as a desk, or turned into a dining table.

Floral wallpaper- Looking for elegant and vintage? Victorian, floral wallpaper will do just that for any room of the house.

Pots and Plants- Placing big plants in corners of the house make the whole room seem cozy and cheerful.

Canopy- A big canopy for your bed will make your bedroom look like a fairytale waiting to happen.

Mirror, mirror on the wall- Who has the fairest hall of them all? You do, if you have a giant ceiling to floor mirror that will make your hallway double the size and triple. the elegance.

Leather and Modern- Leather might not look good on your pants, but it looks great on bedroom furniture! Each leather couch brings you a step closer to modernizing and sophisticating your home.

Rain, rain, go away- Trouble with water getting in through storm windows? Elegant mats will soak that rain right up, and give your home a classic feel.

By teaming up with House Beautiful, we have selected only the best tips to get your new year starting up on a fabulous start. And who said you can’t believe everything you read on the internet? Good luck, and have a great new year in Honey Brook!

Source: House Beautiful