Be Clutter Free with Pinterest

Be Clutter Free With Pinterest

Is your house ready for summer? Soon there will be outdoor parties and summer activities. We want you to have a clutter free home and our home organization tips are just what you need. Pinterest has step-by-step instructions on how to keep your house and belongings organized. Here at Economy Self Storage your belongings are our number one concern. Be clutter free with Pinterest this spring. Read below for great links and see how easy organization can be.


  • Be specific in your search. If want to organize your kitchen, specify what part of the kitchen you need help with, cabinets, pantry, fridge, etc.  
  • There are many different schedules,daily, monthly, and even yearly. Whichever one you choose, just make sure to follow the instructions.
  • Before saving a pin on Pinterest, click the photo and verify the site has all the tips you are looking for.


  • Go green! Search for reuse and recycle ideas on Pinterest instead of discarding useful objects.
  • Moving a room or a whole house? Stay on top of all the stresses of moving with this easy guide.
  • Simplifying the clothes in your bedroom will keep them from creeping out of the closet and taking over.
  • Keep your guest bedroom looking like an oasis and kick the clutter out.
  • Make the most of your bathroom space with creative storage solutions.
  • Keep your kitchen spotless with these clever kitchen ideas.


  • It is important during an emergency to stay organized. Consider making an ICE book (In Case of Emergency) for those overwhelming moments.
  • One way to stay on top of everyone’s schedule is to make a family calendar or command center. Keep it in a room everyone goes to, the kitchen.
  • Make budgeting fun with Pinterest challenges. Cut back on junk food and soda and keep the money you would have spent in a savings account.
  • Come up with a payoff plan for your debts. The stress will stop growing when you come up with a plan to tackle your issues.

Economy Self Storage wants to help make your house spring ready. Come in for storage supplies and home organization tips to help you get started and stay motivated.