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October 12, 2020

Prep Storage with Supplies in Honey Brook PA

Packing is the part of storage that no one looks forward to. Make the storage experience as easy as possible by storing with Economy Self Storage. We have interior and exterior storage units as well as storage supplies sold on-site at our Honey Brook PA location, so you have everything you need. We provided some helpful tips below to help ease the stress of packing.

1. Label All Your Boxes and Bins

Labeling will make your unpacking process a lot easier. If you label boxes with the room name and the contents of the box, you will be able to find a specific item later without having to pull apart your storage unit. You can also organize your storage unit by boxes storing the same room’s items.

2. Anything Soft Can Be Padding for Boxes

Use the items you already have to provide padding in your boxes. Hand towels and pillow cases are small enough to fit in between glasses but are soft enough to prevent the glasses from hitting one another. Another idea is to save your newspapers for a few weeks leading up to your packing.

3. Stronger Boxes are Better Boxes

The biggest thing to keep in mind when packing boxes is that if it gets too heavy, the bottom might give out. Avoid putting all your large items in your large boxes, as they tend to be on the heavy side and will quickly add weight. Keep heavier items in smaller, sturdy boxes, and your older or less reliable boxes can hold light items that pose little-to-no risk of breaking.

When you need more boxes, stop by our office! We sell storage supplies at our Honey Brook PA facility, so you never have to feel unprepared. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are donating a portion of our storage supply sales to Susan G. Komen.

Find Storage Units and Storage Supplies in Honey Brook PA

Are you looking to find storage near Honey Brook PA? Economy Self Storage has all the storage accommodations you need, from interior and drive-up storage units to storage supplies sold on-site at our Honey Brook PA office. Rent or reserve one of our available storage units to get started with us!

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